About Me

I was born in Adelaide, South Australia back in 1985, and have always been a massive fan of video games. I grew up with my Sega Megadrive and still have an unhealthy addiction to collecting Sonic The Hedgehog videogame memorabilia.

People would say I know a little too much about video games, and can talk for hours on the merits of way too many of them. I have previously been an editor for Gamasutra and it's old sister site Gamer Bytes, which I wrote extensive sales analysis on Xbox Live Arcade games and had a knack for finding news before any other site did.

After getting my Computer Science Degree at Adelaide University, I moved onto Quality Assurance for Krome Studios Adelaide, where I worked on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for the PSP and Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes for the Wii and PS2.

A few years later, I made the move to Brisbane, Australia where I was given the chance to become a Game Designer at Halfbrick Studios, which brings you to the rest of the website.