Age of Zombies was the first game I worked on at Halfrick. With a core team of 4 people, we worked on creating a brand new and exciting game for the PlayStation Portable. It is a dual-stick shooter starring Barry Steakfries, as he vows to destroy Professor Brains who has sent Zombies through time. I worked on the original PSP version, and the mobile version up to August, 2013 (Version 1.2.0)

Age of Zombies (PSP)

Age of Zombies was the first game with Halfbrick's popular Barry Steakfries character, and was originally released on the PlayStation Portable.

When I was brought on the game was still very early in development, with the characters and scenario already set, but no levels or scoring system to speak of.

Within the very short development time, I was able to create all of the levels for the game, including Zombie spawning and weapon drop positions. I also worked with our team to create some of the later weapon unlocks, as well as the rather unique scoring system.

The game ended up reviewing very well, and allowed the way for Barry's other adventures with Monster Dash and Jetpack Joyride.

Check out the original trailer for Age of Zombies on PSP.

Age of Zombies (iOS / Anniversary)

In mid-2010 I was brought onto the team who were tasked to bring Age of Zombies to the iPhone.

While the core game was the same, we worked to redo all of the artwork for the game to give the player more directions of movement, altered any levels that needed improvement, and worked hard to make this dual-stick shooter be the best playing on touch screen devices.

As a mobile title we continued to do a few more updates after it's release, including adding new weapons and new challenge maps.

In 2011 we also released Age of Zombies Anniversary, which did an extensive HD upgrade to the already upgraded graphics, and added a new Western chapter to the story. Eventually this was consolidated back into the original version of the game. This also included bringing the game to Android as well.

During my time on Anniversary I fixed and redid all the level tile positions, readjusted the balance of the game, created the Western chapter levels and did some of the scripting for the cutscenes.

Check out the trailer fo Age of Zombies on iPhone here.