I was the designer on Doomsday Clicker - my first game at PikPok. Doomsday Clicker is a game of construction and destruction - building and upgrading an underground bunker to put people into, but with the twist of destroying everything in order to make mutants, and rebuilding everything again at a faster rate.


Doomsday Clicker started as an idea to take a Clicker style game and give it a personality. So many clickers avoid having much fun with the formula - adding character and unique fun things to the basic premise - we decided to change that.

For Doomsday Clicker I pitched the idea of having an underground bunker where you build up rooms with goofy characters - created User Interface mockups on how this would look. I worked with a team made up of 2 artists, 3 programmers, product manager and myself to make the game a reality in 8 weeks time.

I also wrote all the dialog from the Monkey in the game, as well as writing all of the buttons, perks and upgrades for the game as well - in order to create a fun personality to the game and make it exciting to play a Clicker.

The game came out on Android and iOS in March of 2016, where it's done extremely well and continues to do well. Plenty of new updated being worked on as well!