I worked as a designer on the Fruit NInja Live Ops team for one and a half years. With our team we worked hard to add variety to the game as well as bring the game back into a single versions across Android and iOS. I worked on Fruit Ninja from March 2012 (Version 1.8.0) to July 2013 (Vesion 1.8.8)


While with this team, we were put to updating Fruit Ninja after the original team moved off of it.

As mobile games were moving to the freemium model, we were brought on to add in-app purchases to the game for the game's two year anniversary.

Working with another team we created three powerups - The Bomb Deflect, Berry Blast and Peachy Time, as well as Starfruit - the game's currency, which would allow you to use earn powerups for free.

I worked on the Gutsu's Cart, our store for purchasing the powerups, the balance on how often the powerups would appear and how the Starfruit would appear in the game. These are now even more different since the game's 2.0 update. To see the original, you can watch it here.

 On top of this I worked on improving the game's user interface in Halfbrick's own UI system. Previously the menus were all hard-coded, the change over allowed the screens to be dynamic across both Android and iOS screen resolutions, particularly in the wake of the iPhone 5, and helped along the interaction between both of those versions.